7-0 ATS on the season 

4-0 ATS on dogs

When the Saints come marching in Sunday, I will be there to collect. I am not saying they are Super Bowl contenders or anything like that. I mean they are in the division with Brady now and when it’s time for Saints and Bucs to play, thats gonna be a helluva game!

So the Saints have Carolina today. I wasn’t as impressed with Carolina last week as I was the Saints. Winston looked like an all star! We haven’t seen that kind of play since Florida State. This is going to be a test. They are on the road and Carolina can run the ball. It’s gonna come down to defense. Saints has a pretty relentless defense and they are very fast. Rodgers was running for his life last week. If the same offense and defense come to play this week that played last week, Saints with an easy win. 

Do you know how long Stafford has waited to come into the Lucas Oil with a team like the one he has now? Watch his swag today. I can see the cockiness in my mind right now. Stafford looked good behind a line that was blocking for him, a running game that was effective and a defense that made plays. Makes you wonder had he left years ago would he have been to the Super Bowl by now. Rams seem like a good fit for Stafford. Colts can be stubborn but Stafford has had a taste of success and that’s addictive. 

I have no idea why they would make the Bills the favorite last week. That was the easiest money on the board. I can however see why they would be favored today. This week had to be a week to reflect for Buffalo. Everything that could have went wrong for them last week did. I think they have worked out the kinks now. Miami is talented but Buffalo more so. The weak link to Miami offense is the qb. Buffalo will get after him every chance they get. I would not be surprised if he is pulled this week. 

Last but not least, My dog pick! Dallas will win today! With all the off season drama and the Day payday, they cannot lose this game. Dak will become the object of “what ifs” and the organization itself will be the object of every sports talk show next week. Dallas get this win on the road today. Stephen A. Smith you hear me! We get our win today!

Todays picks 

Dog Pick – Dallas ML

Saints -3

Rams -3 

Buffalo -3

Good luck

Sports Guru


  1. Guru you have been clutch with the nfl picks. The college picks are ok but college football is a hard sport to cap. good work with both. podcast coming back?

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