I want to congratulate Coach Prime on another victory yesterday. They came in a 5 point underdog and won by 22. Great offense and defense execution.

People ask me all the time, “why do you go hard for Deion?” I respond, “the same reason you go hard for Jordan.” I am a fan. Always been a fan. We are both Noles. Outside of that, I started my college life at a HBCU, (FAMU) and I think he is the guy that can restore the prestige of HBCU Football back to its former glory. 

Coach Prime made a comment after the draft that I know 90% of the fans didn’t even notice. He said; “Out of this entire NFL Draft, not one single player from a HBCU was drafted” Let that marinate for a minute. I don’t have to sit here and list the NFL greats that have come out of HBCU’S, google it. The names that you see will make your mouth drop. 

Coach Prime is on his was to changing the culture of HBCU football. Last week after the FAMU win, he asked why doesn’t these schools have the players names on their jersey? This raises a good point. Family and friends want to see their kids names on the back of the jersey. They don’t want to have to sit there and tell everyone your number or wait for the pa announcer to say your name. As a player you want that. After you lay the wood to someone or you make that td catch and run you want to point to the back of your jersey so they will know your name! What kid doesn’t want that? What parent doesn’t want that?

The fact that ESPN U is airing these games is a big step in the right direction. Get these schools some coverage. There is one issue I have though. I get people love the band, but ESPN U, you are there to cover the game. Not give play by play on a band performance. I know you all love our bands, but stick to the script. Tv coverage equates to some kid who doesn’t want to sit the bench at a Power 5 school, coming to a HBCU. Quality players will start transferring and committing to these HBCU’s instead of these JUCOs in the near future. 

If more of our (black) retired athletes take time to help these HBCU’S out as much as they do these other schools, we would be competing with them and beating them. 

Coach Prime people like me can appreciate what you are trying to do. I think it’s a long time coming and well overdue. If anyone has enough influence over football and can have a voice for the HBCUs’, it’s you. In a couple of years you are gonna see a HBCU beat a Power 5 conference school. They already doing it in basketball..

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