2-0 yesterday 5-0 on the season. 

So far so good my picks have been panning out! I know down the line the picks will get more challenging. There is more in depth information in my podcast. Its also posted. 

Let’s get into todays picks. My picks are 

UGA +3.5 I LOVE UGA in this game. The reason being is that they cannot afford to lose this game. If they lose to Clemson the only ranked team they have on their schedule is Florida. That’s provided that Florida is still ranked when they meet UGA. UGA needs this win to keep a foot up over the other SEC teams. The same thing goes for Clemson. They lose this game, it’s going to be a long season. They have no other ranked teams on their schedule. The team that loses would have to rely on help from other teams losing to see the post season. Clemson has the easier path. They will play in the ACC Championship and more than likely win. I cannot make that prediction for UGA. LETS GO DAWGS! 

Penn st + 5.5  Penn St will hang on in this one and maybe cause an upset. If they can get this win that will give them an advantage in conference standings. They lose and its going to be a long, uphill battle for the rest of the season. 

Indiana +3.5 I am hoping that Indiana still have the speedsters that they have had in that receiving corps. This is a big game for Indiana. Road, ranked, conference game. A win would really help them out. 

LSU -2.5 – I think this line is too low. Given the fact that the media has hyped up UCLA into thinking they can beat LSU, this is going to be a beatdown. The last team that got hyped up like this to thinking they could beat LSU (UCF), got a beating. I don’t see the results being any different here. 

Syracuse ML – I just like them over Ohio. Nuff said. 

Good Luck

Sports Guru

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