1-0 on the season 

Illinois +6.5 winner

Well Saturday turned out to be a pretty good day. Not only did my pick win, but they won straight up. Something I also said could be very possible. The crazy part is that i caught slack from the pick. Mostly from the Nebraska backers and the ones who lost money betting with Nebraska. I was told that I had no basis for my pick and that i was going off last season. Well as far as no basis, that wasn’t true at all and as far as going off last season, well that’s all anyone has to go off of. Neither team had played a game so what was i suppose to go off of? Smh man this covid thing has also zapped some people brain cells. 

So here we are this rainy Wednesday. I am supposed to be paying attention but my professor sounds like the guy from the Visine commercials. I have seen everything from last year with both teams and i can’t go off that. These teams have changed. Both have has had a pretty decent team in the past, both are bringing back some starters from last season. UAB beat Marshall and some other teams and Jville St beat no one worth mentioning. 

I am a guy who likes an advantage sometimes. This would probably be this time. I don’t see any need for myself to wager on this game. I am not an action junkie. If I were going to wager on this game, I would take the points. UAB would have to prove to me that they can beat Jvill St. by 2 touchdowns and a field goal. This is a new season and no one really knows what team is gonna do what until the 3rd week. 

My pick, Jville St. +16.5 

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