6-0 on the season

4-0 with dogs

Awesome week 1

Thursday’s night game is going to test your patients. You are going to see 2 teams that are a mess play tonight. The injuries at key positions almost make you not even want to bet on this game. You know me though. I love a good road dog. When I took a look at both these teams last week, I saw the Giants put up more of a fight. It was actually the Giants game to lose and they lost it. There was an effort to come back in the 4th but you can tell they hadn’t practiced that 2 min drill that much. Washington had the game all but won and then it went all downhill. Defense got comfortable and got carved up. When your qb goes down you have to get your running game going. You have no idea what your backup can do in a game situation because he only played preseason. Given the fact that Washington is playing with a backup qb is the reason for my pick. Giants have more rushing yards and total yards but they also give up more points. Today is the turnaround game for them though. Divisional game on the road, what better Thursday Night NFL game?

Giants +3.5



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