I know you all have been paying attention to the foolishness that Stephen A. Smith has been pushing these past few days about Kyrie Irving. I have seen Stephen A. get on tv and go on and on as if he has some kind of stake in the Nets. This bothers me.

It bothers me when sports analyst try to push an agenda. This is exactly what he is doing. The NBA wants Kyrie to be vaccinated but do not require that the people who attend the games be vaccinated. What sense does that make?

We live in America last time I checked. No matter how you may feel about it, people have the freedom of choice. It’s their choice how they live their lives. If a person does not want to get vaccinated, that’s on them. You don’t have to like it, but you need to respect it. This one topic is what’s going to turn the country against itself. People not having enough common sense to respect the next man or woman’s choice.

These days when I get on twitter, I am constantly reminded how Covid sent the country back to the 50’s with their simple minded thinking. All day there are tweets from public figures with verified badges by their names who is pushing an agenda that everyone does not agree with. Why is this so important to you all? Stephen A. why are you on Kyrie back so much about him getting vaccinated? I have a theory. You are an opportunist. You got your co host fired so now you have to carry that show. You need controversy because it gives you ratings. Right now Kyrie is the biggest story floating around so you have keyed in on that. You do not care one way or another if he is vaccinated or not. You only care about your money. Ratings generate money and will get you an extension. It’s sad because you have literally have sold out your own brother for the almighty dollar. You said it yourself in a video that I have posted here. Your words; ” I will not jeopardize my bag for anyone, lets get that straight.” The people know you will sell them out first chance you get after you said that.

The fact that Stephen A is saying it’s ok for him to do what he has to do for his people and it’s not ok for Kyrie to do the same, is just crazy as hell!

People of the media realize that you all need to do your jobs. Your job is not to be a politician or a lobbyist. Your job is to keep the people informed with what’s going on in the sports world. It’s funny how they have given so much time to Kyrie than they have John Gruden. The NBA see’s Kyrie as a threat to their institution, so they want to do what they can to isolate the threat. Making him look like the bad guys because he is making his own decision.

If you lose your right to make choices in the country then we are no better than the communism that America hates. We become the same bigots and hypocrites that we are so quick to say run other countries. The is nothing wrong with being pro choice. It’s the American way.

In closing, pipe down about being vaccinated and talk more about sports. That’s what ESPN is paying you for right?

Sports Guru

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