There is indeed an art to sports gambling. I mean it’s not big military secret that sports wagering brings in more than 10 billion in the US alone yearly. Thats a lot of money and people want a piece of that pie. It would amaze you at the people who wager on sports. Men and women alike. Ranging from the rich and famous to the poor. They all do it, if they want to admit it or not is a different story. 

In about 2 weeks, the NFL and NCAA Football bettors are gonna load their online accounts up and see if they can turn a profit. This is the dream. It’s not a dream that can’t be achieved. With proper planning and time to read and listen, you can make some great money between August and February. There are common things you need to know and below I am going to outline these things. 

  1. Pick a reliable SportsBook. This is the most important step. You can’t place wagers if you don’t have a SportsBook. I have a SportsBook that I use and I will swear by them. I started out at 5dimes and when they closed their doors, they reached out to me and recommended me to Once i join I realized that it had the exact same feel and features that 5dimes had. It was an easy transition. I do not like change when it comes to SportsBooks. The things I like about BetAnySports is how fast and easy they make everything happen. Convenience is what I look for. They have several ways to make deposits. My favorite is BitCoin. It takes normally about 30 min for my deposit to post. Once it’s posted, if it’s over 100.00 I get 10% added to my deposit, (no rollover requirements). Let’s say I lose that deposit, I get 5% cash back on my loses and if its been 30 days, I can get 10% of my loses. I can leave that money there, make another deposit and still get my 10% if its over 100.00. Depending on how much you play, that can be a pretty nice size bonus. Pay outs are easy and simple. If you are making a bitcoin withdraw they say it can take up to 48 hours, i normally get mine in about 8-12 hours. Bitcoin withdrawals are free and you can withdraw up to 5k a week. The staff there is easy to get along with. If you tell them your problem they do not have a problem with fixing it. I’m an affiliate of BetAnySports and If anyone who has signed up under me have an issue they just reach out to me and I reach out to BetAnySports. If you do not have a SportsBook now, I urge you to click the link in this section or the link at the top of the page and sign up. 
  2. Set yourself a goal. I’ve been wagering for a long time and I notice that the ones who are disciplined enough to have a plan, usually come out with a profit. I say treat it like a job. Pick a weekly amount you want to make and go for it. Treat it like a part time job. Let’s say you start your bankroll at 1k. You want to set your daily goal at around 500. That’s 500 on Saturday and 500 on Sunday. I am not a fan of Monday Night Football, I will tell you why later. If you can have discipline and not try to make more than you have set your goal to, you will come out ok. This is a slow grind, not a “get rich over night” thing. 
  3. Just because it’s on the board does not mean you have to bet it. These are easily more than 50 games played in a single weekend of football. That does not mean you have to bet on all of them. Remember what your daily goal is. This is a part time job, so treat it as such. If your goal is 500 daily and you are a parlay man, that’s 3 games depending on the odds you take. If you are a straight wager man, its 1 game at odds that will have you watching that entire game. If you are a teaser man, thats anywhere from 2-4 games with points galore. It’s all about how you want to bet your money. Just remember what your daily goal is. 
  4. There are people who are gonna give you advice on what you should and shouldn’t bet on. That’s cool. I am one of those people. However I will be the first to tell you that i am not always right and that you should do your own research. It’s your money. The people that are paid to give wagering advice will never admit that they have lost more than they have made. If they did, they wouldn’t have anyone buying their picks. You can always come here and get free picks. If you go with them cool, if you lose don’t cry. I told you already I am not always right and NO ONE can get it right 100% of the time. There is no such thing as a lock. If you see someone post that on a play, run! 
  5. Do not chase! I cannot say this enough! Just because it’s on the board does not mean you have to bet on it. If you find yourself bored, play a video game. It works for me! This is how Vegas gets you. Thursday Night Football is the measuring stick for the weekend. Most people who lose that Thursday game will go on to lose the entire weekend and Sunday. Why? They will chase to make up for what they lost on the Thursday, make bad picks and end up zero balance by Saturday night. They will make a deposit Sunday morning and end up losing all of that by Monday night. Now they are behind and keep trying to chase to catch up on what they have lost. People who chase can easily lose 5x what they started with. Monday Night Football is the biggest trap of the week. It’s your last attempt to break even on the money you have lost. DO NOT FALL FOR THAT TRAP. If you are up on your weekly then you can wager on it if you must. If you aren’t I suggest you sit that one out. 

As I said it before, I do not always get it right but I do not charge people either. My picks will be posted at the start of the football season. I do not bet preseason or anything like that. I normally take 2 or 3 games and post to them. Some days it will only be 1. I do not bet every week because if I don’t like the odds I will leave it there. Better safe than sorry. Make sure you guys follow me @sportsguru2012 and if you have any questions just post them below or send me a message on twitter.  Also check out my podcast, i will be doing these daily talking about sports and my picks will be listed starting Thursdays. 

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