Well this NFL season started off pretty good yesterday. Here is Sunday’s recap. I was able to take the lemons that Vegas and ESPN were giving out and make lemonade. My dog plays came thru in a big way. Steelers, and Texans won straight up. I went 4-0 yesterday and now I am 5-0 on the season . 3 out of the 5 were dog plays. 

You have to realize that when you watch Sports Center or shows like that, these “analyst” do not get it right. Not even half the time. Yesterday their picks steered people to wagering suicide. A lot of these guys you can fade them every week and make good money doing so. The only difference in a “analyst” and me is that they are paid to be wrong. Most of them never played the sport that they are even “analyzing”. I mean listen to what they have to say but do your own research. The same goes with me as well. Don’t take what I say the gospel. Do your own research. 

After being on twitter today and reading all the post from these “analyst” about how wrong they are. How did they have Jacksonville favored I will never know. I’ll give you one better. They said that the Seahawks would start 0-9. If that was a prop bet in Vegas I would have sold everything to bet against that. I mean they were going hard about the Seahawks. Well sorry ESPN, you guys went less than 50% on your picks yesterday. You guys are on auto fade the rest of the season. 

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