17-9 on the season 

8-4 with dogs

2-0 yesterday 

Well, it was a great night last night. I was able to get back from the 0-2 the night before. Lville did not disappoint at all. So I am going to take this momentum and make it another positive weekend in college football. 

Its a Road Warriors type of day!

Lets start with Cincy. I like them here, but I don’t like the -3.5, so I am going to ML this one.The -3.5 is fishy. These home dogs are winning this season and you have to be real careful when picking against them. I think this game should be even but I do not think the odds makers could justify a 8th ranked team being even with an unranked team. 

FSU +4.5 If there is ever a team thats in need of a win its FSU! When you lose to Jacksonville St that tends not to sit well with the school and fans. This game will define FSU remaining season. This a MUST WIN for them. Look to see a very different FSU playing today! If FSU lose this game, they are trying to get their coach fired. 

Auburn +5 This line will drop before kickoff, so if you can get it at +5, take it. I believe Auburn will win outright. Vegas made Penn St the favorite because they beat Wisconsin and they are home. I’m ignoring that #10 ranking right here. 2 undefeated teams, one from the BIG10 the other from the SEC. #22 vs #10. Auburn needs this win. It gives them a 3-0 and a 1-0 vs ranked teams. This will be useful as the season goes on. Penn St could use it the win also. Keep momentum especially since Ohio St lost last week. If you don’t like Ohio St,  you don’t want a higher ranked Penn St to have to meet a lower ranked Ohio St. You pretty much know the outcome of that game. If you are an Ohio St fan, you are rooting for Penn St right here. 

Good Luck

Sports Guru

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