5-0 On the season 

4-0 yesterday 

I am the guy that does not like to go along with the public. Therefore I am not going on with them tonight. I am loving the Raiders at home. These home dogs have been barking loud this 1st week. I am not about to shut this one up. I love the Raiders here because they get a chance to make a statement tonight. They get to show the world that they can compete. Their defense is going to be tested by Lamar. They better be in great shape. The Raiders offense is looking to get going in 2021. What I have noticed about Baltimore is that their run defense isn’t the best. Time of possession is going to be key. I think that this game will come down to a field goal. If Raiders do not win, Ravens definitely won’t cover. If Ravens are having the same kicking problems that they have had in the past, Raiders may just win outright. Raiders are the dogs only because of last season. This should be a even game if anything. My pick:

Raiders +3.5 and I would not be surprised if they won outright. 

Good Luck 

Sports Guru

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