I try to keep my ears open for complaints when it comes to sports books. I am on several message boards and I read what people post about. There is one particular sports book I have been getting a lot bad feedback on. Heritage Sports. Now the post I have read about these guys are horrible. It’s a good thing they are located in another country because if they were in the U.S. doing what they are doing, they would be dead. Then again just because you are in another country does not mean people will not come after you for their money. Read the related article to this. Long story short, they found the former owner of 5dimes, who was American, dead. After looking for him for a year they finally found his body. Get the pictures

Anyway, so I am reading this post about a guy who is using the live in play wagering. He said that he made a wager on a line of a game that was suspended. He didn’t know the game was suspended because they were still taking wagers on it. All of a sudden the game disappears. Then he goes and does some research and finds out the game was suspended 20 min before he made his wager. Ok to me I would be pissed because if this game was suspended how are you giving out live lines after the game is suspended? I mean live lines are supposed to be in real time or as close as possible. The guy goes on to explain that he got on the chat with customer service and told them what his issue was. They told him that he should not use live scores as a reference when taking live lines. Yeah I had to read that a couple of times myself. Ok so the odds change when the score changes. Without a live score you cannot have a live line. I mean that’s common sense right? If you are telling people not to go by the scores, well how are they coming up with these odds? It sounds to me like they are just pulling them out the air. Then he goes on further to tell the guy that the score should only be used as a guide when taking the lines. Now go back a few sentences when they guy told him that he shouldn’t use the scores because they were not accurate sometimes. So now Heritage Sports is telling this guy that he should use a guide that’s sometimes wrong to place a wager? That sounds like a book that’s out to take your money. I thought this was made up until the guy sent me the transcript so I could read it myself. The guy is stuck with the wager even though most sports books do not take action on suspended games and usually the line is down as soon as its suspended. I have never had this issue when I was at 5dimes and I do not have this issue at BetAnySport. 

This is the type of business that you do not want or need. If you have a sports book that will mislead you on purpose, you need to first let it be know. Tell it to everyone that will listen. You do not want someone else joining a book and getting robbed like that. I mean it’s not much ethics in sports wagering to begin with, but what little there is, I am sure Heritage Sports just violated it. 

People do your research on these sports books before you start giving up your money. When I did a google search on Heritage Sports I read articles from people who were never paid to people who hit big and had a wager payout amount adjusted because the wrong line was put up. I even read one where they canceled a guys wager because they gave the favorite the points and he won. We all know, if we make a mistake placing these wagers, thats it, but if they make a mistake they can correct it. 

Be careful out there, 



  1. Wow this is an incredible story. Just wanted to give you my input I have been with the heritage sportsbook since they have opened. They used to be called the Greek before that and I never had a problem with them at all. I am a huge better and have always been paid on time and never had any wagers adjusted. Gives me something to think about but I have been with them since they have been open. Just wanted to give you that input. So now this concerns me..

    • Hey Gary thank you for your comments. I am sure everyone hasn’t had the same experience. I am just bringing to light things that can and does happen in the business that we are in. Its shady sometimes and even you have to admit that.

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