1-0 on the season 

NFL Sunday week 1! Its what we all have been waiting for right? Fans are back in the stands, the sports world looks to be returning to normal, (now if the rest of the country would do the same) we should have an exciting season. I took a look at the schedule this week and I can tell you, I feel like some of these games are “traps” but you have to be able to use a “trap” to your own advantage. Like they say, “nothing beats the cross but the double cross”. What I mean by that is use o/u as much as you can today, or take the home team with the points. Here are my picks. (All odds are from betanysports.eu)

Texans +3  I get Jacksonville is back with a new coach and Tebow, but this isn’t the 2008 Gators either. Given the issues that are going on in Houston I think this is the best time for this team to show that they can move on from Watson. I mean we have to be real here. He is still on the team but that could change before the end of the season and Taylor needs to get in there and show that he can take over and win games. After losing Watts and Hopkins people felt that the Texans were dead. I don’t think so. I think this is there “statement” game. Come out and show everyone that even though you have lost key players on offense and defense, you can still win games. This is going to be ugly but Texans may just squeeze this one out and win outright.

Carolina -3.5  These guys for the past 2 seasons have showed me that its tough to beat them at home. I wouldn’t say their running back is underrated at all, but when it comes to the spotlight he is given as opposed to other backs who don’t half of what he does, yeah he is underrated. They are going to put this game on his shoulders today and force the Jets to stop him. Last season Jets couldn’t stop a nose bleed, before I change my perception of them, they have to win some games on the road. 

Steelers +7 This has been a great game for the past 3 seasons. Back and forth. The way these 2 get at each other from start to finish is what NFL Football is all about. Well at least once was. Steelers are an enigma to me. When you think they are suppose to come out and dominate, they do just enough to win. I don’t have any high expectations of some sort of high powered Steelers offense. To be honest I don’t think they score over 28. I do expect some defense. Especially since TJ just got that pay raise. When his brother got the same pay raise he was lining up at tight end and catching touchdowns. Now I am not saying he is JJ, but I need that same energy on defense today. We all know that Buffalo offense is better than advertise. They will run the ball down your throat. You have to prove to them that you can stop that run before the deviate from that plan. It comes down to turn overs and kicking today. When I say kicking I don’t mean the field goal kickers. I mean field position after these punts. The team that starts with the best field position constantly will win this game. Expect to see fake punts, both team going for it on anything less than 4th and 6. I think Steelers win this outright. 

There are more games but I am not a person that has to bet on the entire board. I bet on what I feel is comfortable to me. I will make my last post today around 5 or 6 concerning the Packers/Saints game. 

This is my last post: Rams -9.5 Stafford has a new home. He has a offense and defense and no excuses. If he can’t win in LA, he is just a bum. The Bears don’t stand a chance. They have Dalton starting which if Chicago had any sense they would have heard them mention that Cincy hadn’t won an opening game in years. Dalton was the qb for all said years. So yeah, this lets me know Rams are going to cover. Bears are starting a loser instead of the fresh arm that no one has tape on yet. 

Good Luck 

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