9-4 on the season 

5-3 on Dogs. 

After watching Kansas just lay a golden egg on everyones 26.5 points, I have come to the conclusion that they suck! Period!

This week my picks will differ. As a student of a HBCU I felt it was my duty to cover HBCU Football. I think people forget that some of the greatest players that every played football came from HBCU’s. Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Shannon Sharp, just to name 3. There has even been a team who has beat a Power 5 school. FAMU defeated Miami Hurricanes in 1979. FAMU was also the only HBCU that had commercial inside of NCAA College Football 2003. Now it’s time to restore the greatness of these schools. Not just athletics wise but also academically. DR.Martin Luther King Jr. graduated from Moorehouse. WEB Dubois, Fisk University. Fox’s Pam Oliver graduated from FAMU, actor Tim Reid graduated from FAMU. There is greatness at these schools. Always has been, always will be. Myself, FAMU.. You guys get the point, let’s get on with the picks. 

Jackson St. + 5 This is going to be a great game. If you have time today, watch it at 7pm on ESPNU. I attended the FAMU/Jackson St game last week in Miami and I have to be honest, Jackson St looks good! Shedeur Sanders followed his dad Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders to Jackson St. to change the culture of not only Jackson St. but HBCU Football in a whole. Neither Sanders has disappointed yet. Shedeur had a great game. As a true freshman his mechanics is great. He has a very strong arm and a set of wheels that work just fine. Tennessee St. is no slouch. They have Eddie George as their coach now. The ground game is just as you think it would be coming from one of the greatest running backs to play the game. They are very physical. That same physicality cost them their opener last week. They beat themselves. This week I think they have cleaned it up but I will still give Jackson St offense the advantage here. They have a more balanced offense as opposed to Tenn St who is a run heavy team.  This is going to be a great game like i said. 

South Carolina -2.5 – I cannot look a gift horse in the mouth and not kiss it. As long as there are odds makers who are giving up less than a field goal to an SEC team to a team like East Carolina, I will take it! I think this line will increase as soon as people actually pay attention to this game. 

Iowa St. -4.5 It don’t get any better than this. #9 and #10, rivals, this early in the season! i like the home team here because i have noticed that since fans have been back in the stands, the home teams have fed off that energy. The defense that Iowa St has this season is somewhat stingy. I mean this is going to be their real test here vs Iowa. Iowa has somewhat been battle tested early this season, but not by a team with a defense like Iowa St. This game can go either way, it’s going to be on the field goal kickers. 

Miami -8 After getting beat like a drum last week, Hurricanes have a chip on their shoulder and they are gonna take it out on App St. I mean you want to see a good game because App St has been known to upset Power 5 teams before, but I can assure you that Miami will cover them 8 points. 

Michigan -6.5 it seems as though Michigan has finally got their act together. I mean it’s too early in the season to know for sure. We have seen this show before, but we are gonna be hopeful. I am taking this game because Michigan is playing good and they are home.

Good Luck 

Sports Guru


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