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The is an age old myth that Lebron is the author of Super Teams. This myth was probably started by someone born between the years of 1994 and 2000. People born in these years have said some very questionable things when it comes to sports.

I guess i need to start out by defining what a super team is. According to the sports world, a super team is a team that is made up of 2 or more Hall of Fame caliber players. So according to this definition, the first super teams would have been the Celtics and the Lakers.

People there have been super teams since the 60’s. But let me fast forward to the 80’s, a time some of you can remember. The “Show Time” Lakers had 4 future HOF players, starting. The Celtics had an entire starting 5, so did the Bad Boy Pistons. The 90’s Bulls, Orlando Magic,Houston Rockets, Utah Jazz, Pacers, and Knicks, were all super teams by definition.

Not one single person i knew ever cried when Jordan won the 90’s. No one said Jordan made a super team when he went and got Ron Harper and Rodman. No one said Detroit made a super team when they traded Adrian Dantley for Mark Aguirre. No one complained when Knicks picked Sprewell and Larry Johnson. No one said a word when Gary Payton,Karl Malone, and Rodman joined the Lakers.

See thats when basketball fans were real fans. Not like these cry babies we have now. You loved watching the game because it was exciting. There was no social media to cry about teams getting other players to even the playing field. Now there is a cry every time Lebron moves a player to play with him. This type of thing was acceptable in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. It was called staying competitive.

Now i just gave numerous examples of super teams. What people fail to realize is that every super team didn’t always win. Why? Because there was another super team that was able to beat them. That’s because the talent in the league is now watered down. But that’s for another conversation.

So people, please stop saying Lebron started super teams because he didn’t. I just proved to you that he didn’t.

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