Yes indeed its that time of year! The most exciting time of the year I might add. Well let me get right to it.

There are several games that will be played tomorrow, however all of them are not worth betting on. The only game that i will put my money on is the Illinois/Nebraska game.

This game is going to be exciting and high scoring. Illinois has more to prove than Nebraska. This summer I know Bret Bielema has beat it in his players that they need to win this opener. This would be a big boost for his team. Last season they did pretty well, i mean a lot of teams did because of Covid, and players not wanting to play. This year they get to prove that everything that happened last year was not a fluke.

Nebraska has had a few disappointing seasons. Awe who are we kidding, disastrous is more like it. Qb issues, off field issues, just issues in general. This season won’t be any different from the looks of it. Nebraska is under investigation again. These are distractions which can take a toll on a team mentally. Going into a game with a team that has nothing to prove and everything to gain, with distractions will cost you. I don’t know if Nebraska has that kind of toughness. i have seen them lose games that they should have won down the stretch.

If you have a bad heart or any other physical condition that prohibits stress, you may want to consider not betting on this game. if you still want to, LIVE BET. Here are somethings you want to watch out for in this game.

Penalties, the kickers, and clock management.

With all of that said, my pick is

Illinois +7 at home. Nebraska wins by a field goal at best. The fact that this line hasn’t moved up tells me what Vegas thinks of Nebraska.

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