I can remember when I first started GATB. I was in college at FSU and I was a member of the CBS Message Boards. I would go on there and just read the comments. It was a live message board so everything was in real time. The characters on that board! I swear it was never a dull moment. Just reading the post about picks and reading what people would say when they followed someone that lost was hilarious. I built a pretty good name for myself on there. Sports Guru, yeah that’s me. People love my name because once i lose a pick, the jokes come raining in. The world would be boring without people like that.

I started GATB to help and provide somewhere they could come and get another perspective on picks. I didn’t make it for the money. I made it because i was a bored college kid that loved sports. My dream job to this day is to talk about sports and get paid doing it. My day job is cyber security analyst. Total opposites i know.

I stepped away for a few years to give my career a try and well here i am again. I found out that if you are doing work and it doesn’t seem like work, its not work. I find joy in running my website and trying to help people. That’s why I brought it back. Oh it wasn’t easy! For about 5 years i couldn’t get getatthebookie.com because some company had locked the domain up. At one point they wanted 10k for me to get this domain name back. I looked it up a month ago and godaddy had it for 4.99. Talk about happiness! At first i couldn’t remember any of my first wordpress login info and suddenly it came back to me. WordPress must never purge their servers because low and behold my first ever website is still there. All the users and contacts are still there as well.

This website has the same feel as my last one, but with a few extra features. There is a Podcast that will be coming so you can hear your picks and not have to read them all the time. Members profiles have been enhanced. I will still hold contest for money. Yes real money!

For the new people; Welcome to GATB and for the old people, welcome back to GATB.


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