At the end of the season we have the Super Bowl. At the beginning of the season we have the Toilet Bowl, also known as the Hall Of Fame game. This is a game that i dare not wager on. I mean you really have to be a degenerate to bet on this game. These teams are showing up because they have to. I figure the starters will maybe play for 1 quarter or until one of the teams score first. After then its all on 2nd, 3rd string and practice squad. 

I have no idea what to even think about this game. If Dak starts we have to worry about if his O-line is gonna keep him protected. Yeah, I’m a Dallas fan but i hardly ever bet on them. I like money too much to bet with them. 

Steelers love to beat Dallas any chance they get. It can be a flag football game and Steelers are gonna try to win that game. They don’t care about anything but beating Dallas, even if the game doesn’t count. 

Looking at both teams, I am gonna go with the team who is better equipped to win this game. 

Steelers -2

Sports Guru 

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