Well guys the moment is upon us! Fantasy Football is about to return! So what I’m gonna do is host the 1st annual Fantasy Football contest! This contest is free however I have limited it to only 10 teams over 3 leagues. That means 30 slots. This contest is free! That’s right I said free! However there are things that you have to do to be apart of this, which makes it free. 

  1. You must join getatthebookie.com. Go to the website and sign up, it’s free. Once you are signed up send me a dm on twitter and follow, @sportsguru2012 and let me know you want to sign up for the fantasy football league. I will send you a email invite and you sign up from there. 
  2. This contest is for anyone, first come, first serve. I will not tolerate cheating at all. Don’t tell your buddy or try to join using another email address and make some bs trades. I will have CBSSPORTS monitoring the league and the integrity of the players. 
  3. The prizes are: 1st place gets 100.00 cash and a trophy. 2nd place gets 50.00 and a plaque. 


  1. This is how its gonna be scored. The winners or each league, I will take the person with the highest score from all 3 leagues. That will be the first place winner. The second place winner will also be scored the same. So its top scores from all 3 league winners will determine the overall champion. 
  2. There aren’t any entrance fees. 
  3. Progress will be posted every week on getatthebookie.com

Good luck to you guys and may the best coach win!

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