Every year i see these post on social media and twitter of cappers claiming to be the best and bragging on records. I for one am not one of them. Just because my name is Sportsguru does not mean that I know everything there is to know about sports. I know a lot and i do miss sometimes, however, I do know that just because there are games on doesn’t mean there is a play to be wagered on. I have created a group on ESPN for a Pick’em contest for college. I am posting a link in this post. if you want to join you can do so. 

The winner of this contest will receive 100.00 in cash (zelle, applepay, bitcoin are your only options) and a trophy. This is all paid for by me no need to send any money or offer any money. I got this. I just want you guys to play and have fun. 

Results from each week will be posted on the website as well as on my social media. When you join please comment on this post by leaving your twitter name so I will know who is who. Also you can reach me on twitter at @sportsguru12

This contest is for anyone 18 and older, and any gender. I don’t care if you are a dog or alien, if you can pick, show me. 


Good luck


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