Raiders tonight

5-0 On the season  4-0 yesterday  I am the guy that does not like to go along with the public. Therefore I am not going on with them tonight. I am...

Sunday’s recap

Well this NFL season started off pretty good yesterday. Here is Sunday's recap. I was able to take the lemons that Vegas and ESPN were giving out and make...

NFL Sunday week 1

1-0 on the season  NFL Sunday week 1! Its what we all have been waiting for right? Fans are back in the stands, the sports world looks to be returning...

NFL Season opener

NFL season opener is amongst us! I am happy to say that i will be in attendance at tonight's game. I think the NFL got it right this season....

Hall Of Fame Game

At the end of the season we have the Super Bowl. At the beginning of the season we have the Toilet Bowl, also known as the Hall Of Fame...

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Road Warriors

17-9 on the season  8-4 with dogs 2-0 yesterday  Well, it was a great night last night. I was able to get back from the 0-2 the...

Friday night lights

15-9 on the season  0-2 yesterday  6-5 on dogs It's Friday night lights! Yesterday was wild! 1 team loses by 1 point and the other had the...

HBCU Thursday

1-0 on the season for HBCU I absolutely do not like Bethune Cookman. They were trash in the MEAC and now they have jumped to...