Dog Pound once again

28-17 on the season 11-4 with doogs. Last week I put my money on the Browns because they had something to prove. Baker trying to get a pay day...

Fly Eagles Fly

27-15 on the season 10-3 with dogs Last week I was able to pull off a sweep with the dogs. That was my second time this season. Today there are...

Cowboys continue to roll

24-15 on the season 7-3 with dogs Last week was a real ride. This week I am banking on the same outcome. The fact that sports analyst are saying certain...

New York Football Giants

22-13 on the season (64% on the season) 6-3 with dogs (67% on the season) Given the fact that the Giants took a beating from the media this week, I am...

Baker out Case in

21-13 on the season 6-3 with dogs this season So people think it's a downside to Baker being out tonight. I do not feel the same way. When I look...

Beware today

18-12 on the season 5-3 with dogs We are at the point in the NFL where the injuries are starting to add up. Teams that should be winning are barley...

The pirate ship drops anchor in Philly

18-11 on the season 5-3 with dogs Today Brady and his crew land in Philly to conquer the City of Brotherly Love. I would normally say this is going to...

The Boys are on a roll

15-10 on the season 5-2 with dogs Well here we are. We get a 9:30am game! What better way to start your Sunday off. I mean its the Toilet Bowl, both...

Rams vs Seahwaks

14-10 on the season 5-2 with dogs So my Raiders pick didn't pan out. I know i was asking too much.  Tonight game is a cautious one. You never know which team...

Monday Night Football

14-9 on the season 3-2 yesterday Tonight I am going to take the points and buy the hook. This is going to be a field goal game. Since I'm tired of...

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Cowboys, Chiefs light up the scoreboard.

30-19 on the season 11-5 with dogs There isn't much to bet on today. I mean the commentators seem to think so, but I do...

The Final Push

33-25 on the season 19-15 with dogs. I am running late trying to get this out but these are my picks. FSU +3.5 Mich St +19.5 Oklahoma...

Rams got this

30-18 on the season 11-5 with dogs. Yesterday wasn't bad for me. For others it was a blood bath. Arizona and Tampa mopped the floor...