The Battle For Michigan

31-19 on the season 17-11 with dogs Last week was one of the craziest weeks I have seen in college football in a long time. I am more than sure...

Something about the Bayou Bengals

28-16 on the season 16-10 with dogs Last Saturday I could not post to my website because of upgrades. The plays were posted to my twitter. Not much really to...

Red River Shootout

25-16 on the season 14-10 with dogs There are a few games today that will have a significant impact on each team future. Red River Shootout. In the past this has been...

Friday night in South Florida

25-16 on the season  14-9 on dogs I know my write ups have been short as of lately. I just haven't had much to say to be honest. I mean these...

Thursday night college pigskin

25-14 on the season  14-8 with dogs Last week wasn't a bad week at all. Saturday was actually very good.  Today I am not going to draw out a long explanation. Let...

Feeling lucky today

24-13 on the season  13-7 on dogs.  Last night was going great until Maryland decides to turn the ball over 5 times and Iowa scored on each of the turnovers. 1-1...

I love the dogs tonight

23-12 on the season  12-6 on dogs Yesterday was so sweet! Watching Miami miss a dead center of the field, field goal was the greatest moment of this football season so...

ACC Matchup

22-12 on the season 11-6 with dogs You know Thursdays are supposed to be the most exciting day of the week during football season. It's supposed to be the kickoff to...

I’m winning over here

32-15 (68%) (NCAAF & NFL) 15-7 Dogs  (68%) (NCAAF & NFL) I am winning over here! When I started this football season, I put a goal in my head that I...

Fighting Irish

20-12 on the season 10-6 on dogs. The Fighting Irish! This is supposed to be a neutral location but to me it fills like the Irish is the home team. Chicago...

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Cowboys, Chiefs light up the scoreboard.

30-19 on the season 11-5 with dogs There isn't much to bet on today. I mean the commentators seem to think so, but I do...

The Final Push

33-25 on the season 19-15 with dogs. I am running late trying to get this out but these are my picks. FSU +3.5 Mich St +19.5 Oklahoma...

Rams got this

30-18 on the season 11-5 with dogs. Yesterday wasn't bad for me. For others it was a blood bath. Arizona and Tampa mopped the floor...