11-6 on the season 

5-1 with dogs 

This is going to be by far the most boring TNF this season. How did either of these teams get a TNF game vs each other? I guess they are going off of college star power with the 2 qbs and Urban. Smh, the only people watching this game are, and not in this order: LSU fans, Clemson fans, Jvill fans, Cincy fans, people bored out their minds, Fantasy Football players, and degenerates. 

I do not like either team. I do smell a trap. I am not taking either one of the teams. Something is telling me Jacksonville is gonna steal this game. I am going to take the Over. Cincy is going to try to score enough to win and Jville is going to try and match that. 

Game over 46.5

Good Luck 

Sports Guru

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