Usually when I see something like this it brings cheer to my heart. To see the Uncle Sam is finally catching up with the times. Weed and Sports Gambling are now legal in most places and if it isn’t, it’s not illegal if you don’t get caught. Moving on..

So this Sports Book across the street from Wrigley is gonna be like opening a weed dispensary on Michigan Ave. Traffic galore! They should rake in a lot of money because Cubs fan’s bet with the hearts. I am a Cubs fan and I love them to death but I love money more. Cubs are now on auto fade and anytime Alzolay is on the mound, I bet the house and cars! That kid is a natural at losing. It’s effortless to him. I’m glad I recognize this and can exploit that and make money off him.

Unfortunately there will be more action against the cubs than it will for them. Especially if Alzolay is pitching.

Well fellow Cubies, it was good while it lasted. The honeymoon is over and the ink has dried on the divorce.

Sports Guru

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