are you entertained

Are we entertained this NBA Finals? That would be a very hard,”no”. The Finals are so jacked up that you have some of the most reputable sports analyst making some of the most outlandish predictions. I mean I get it. It’s the weakest Finals in the past 3 seasons, but you guys can do something better than sit on twitter and try to hype up the Bucks and the Suns. 

Kendrick Perkins, someone I respect as a analyst just made one of the craziest statements that I’ve heard in a while. His words, “The Suns are a dynasty in the making”

I have a problem with the above statement. I understand that everyone is happy for the Suns, but a dynasty? In the west? Really!? You all act like Curry and Thompson not still playing, or that Utah and Denver aren’t out because of injuries. Oh yeah and that team the owns the west, who colors are purple and gold. That line is long and just bc the Suns are in the finals next year does not mean they are a dynasty in the making. Most people had no idea who Ayton was until the playoffs started. The only people who knew were Suns fans and people who really followed sports. Drafted #1 in 2018 and this is really the first time EVER that the spotlight has been put on him. Now you guys are on twitter comparing him to David Robinson. The audacity. Let’s see if the Suns can make it back to the playoffs when Lakers, Golden State, Portland, Utah, Denver all come back healthy. If Suns can make it back on a full NBA season with a healthy league, then and only then can people start to give them props as a legit playoff team. As it stands now, they made it but under abnormal circumstances. 

You all are fans and you have to admit, there is no real entertainment for the finals. Sportscasters are trying their best to create some but there aren’t any storylines with these two teams to create any. This is why the NBA needs a player like Lebron. He creates storylines, he makes ratings, he keeps social media buzzing. People watch the finals he’s playing in just to see if he is gonna lose. People are watching the current finals because there is nothing else on. This what happens when Lebron isn’t in the finals. 

Yeah we are not entertained at all..

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