22-12 on the season

11-6 with dogs

You know Thursdays are supposed to be the most exciting day of the week during football season. It’s supposed to be the kickoff to the football weekend. You would expect that they would schedule a GREAT game on Thursday. Some of you are saying; “This is a great game.” It isn’t, it’s a, “its Thursday and the NFL game is horrible so we are giving you this” game. 

I find myself dragging my feet on this game. It’s really not appealing to me. The only reason why I am going to watch this game is because I get to torment all my friends that graduated from UM. They have been relentless about my Noles and today I can give some of what i have gotten back to them. Not much but at least something. 

Virginia has a better offense hands down. The qb is much more poised and can really throw the ball. Miami on the other hand has qb issues. That’s nothing new. That has been their issue for the past 4 seasons. Starting qb is hurt and now it’s a battle between the 2nd and 3rd string qb as to who will start. That is nothing I would be bragging about as a team. That means either they are both that good or they are both that bad. Either way I feel like Miami is in trouble. 

I am going to take Virginia and 5. The past 3 games these 2 teams have played Miami has not covered the spread. 

Virgina +5

Good Luck 

Sports Guru

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