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Lobcity No More??

The biggest question this summer is going to be, whats going to happen to the Clippers. I’m thinking like most, yeah they are going to break the Clippers up. What...

The King & His Merry Men! Pt1

I havent been tracking wins and loses this NBA season. The playoffs is what we all live for. Cavs -6.5 Cavs look to continue their dominance today against the Raptors....

No more charity work.

87-62 on the season 27-23 for the playoffs 1-0 last pic Well i enjoyed my vacation. Lost my phone but other than that I cannot complain. So the Cavs lost the first game...

The Sun!

1-1 on the season 1-1 last post WNBA is here. I mean its not much but its fun to watch. I figured why not give this a shot. So far Im 1-1. Todays pick Conn Suns -4 BOL...

The sleeping giants awaken!

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The Beatdown Starts!

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Splash down!

86-62 on the season 24-23 for playoffs Well today is that day Warriors -3 1st quarter Please follow and like us: Share This:

Clash Of The Titans Part 2.

86-63 on the season 24-24 playoffs Well you guys know what the finals are going to be like. Raptors you played a good game but 2nd place is always the first to lose....

Bringing the Heat to the North!

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WNBA Season Opener!

87-62 on the season 25-23 for the playoffs 1-0 yesterday Well today is the start of the WNBA season. Lets see how this plays out. Lets look on the bright side, there is...

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