No Cupcakes Today!

5-1 on the season

2-1 last post

As you can see the NCAA have heard our gripes, moans, and complaints. The Power 5 will not get Cupcake U. and Pie State as openers. This is what football is suppose to be like. 1 vs 3 first game of the season!! It dont get any better than this!

Today’s Picks

FSU + 7.5 – Watch for the upset. We all know that Bama will choke at the end of the game. They also come out flat and play to the talent that they are playing against. FSU comes out with a chip on their shoulders and win this game outright. Its going to be a nail bitter!

Michigan -5 Big Blue had summer practice in 3 different states this summer. Last spring break the team was in tampa florida practicing for these conditions. You wont find a better prepared team on the field today. Given the fact that OSU won last night, Michigan is going to keep up.

SC + 7 – Im not convinced that NCST should be given up a touch down to an SEC team. Grant it, not the most dominant SEC team, but they play enough defense to beat an ACC team.



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