NFL WEEK 2 – The Boys Are Back In Town!

The first week gave us something to look forward to in the NFL. This is a soap opera week. Bengals have yet to score an offensive touchdown. What does Marvin Lewis do? What every coach does in this situation, fire his offensive coordinator. Now that he is gone, lets see what you do now Marvin. Miss the playoffs and I can almost guarantee the Bengals will have a new coach next season.

Big ups to Bill and the Houston Texans for finally doing something right! You would be 2-0 if you hadn’t started Savage in the first place. Lets see how you finish this season.

Saints, you have problems. Split time between Ingram and Peterson!?! Have you lost your mind??? If he don’t get 1k yards this season, either he leaving or you leaving.

Redskins you have to be the dumbest franchise in the NFL. All that money to Cousins and he is a proven loser. Your season is dead already, you guys just going through the motions.

Well I went 2-2 in the first week. I didn’t make it to post my texans pick on here but if you follow me on twitter you saw it posted there. I didn’t post college football at all yesterday. There was a good reason. Lol the dogs ate good yesterday!

Todays picks.

Dallas – 3 +133 yeah I used an alternate line. Im not impressed with the Broncos offense. Defense is going to get tired being on the field too much.

Falcons -2.5 – I like the dirty birds at home with such a low line. Ill take it!

Rams – 2 Home game in Los Angeles in ages and playing against Cousins and his Redskins offense. Lol how can’t you take the Rams!



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