The King & His Merry Men! Pt1

I havent been tracking wins and loses this NBA season. The playoffs is what we all live for.

Cavs -6.5 Cavs look to continue their dominance today against the Raptors.  This is going to be a sweet ride for the Cavs. The fact that its not the same Raptors team from last season should be evident. The fact that Raptors struggled with the Bucks shows you that they don’t have a chance at winning the season. The only thing that we need to try to figure out is how quick Cavs are going to beat them. Im calling for a sweep.

Spurs -6  Too much Leonard is going to be the downfall to Houston. Harden does not play enough defense to stop a nose bleed. This is going to be an entertaining series to say the least. Spurs need to handle Houston fast to rest up.






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