Lobcity No More??

The biggest question this summer is going to be, whats going to happen to the Clippers. I’m thinking like most, yeah they are going to break the Clippers up. What gave it away? To me it was the fact that Clippers did not want to include Austin Rivers in the trade to get Melo. That was the dumbest thing I had seen take place in the NBA in  a while. I mean who is Austin Rivers that he cant be traded? Unless Chris Paul and company have plans to escape the sinking ship.

This is what I see happening.  Call me crazy but I called Lebron going back to Cavs before he announced it.

Ready for it?? Blake Griffin heads home to OKC and Durant returns also. Durant will be forgiven for leaving especially if he is coming back to play with hometown hero Blake and NBA IronMan Westbrook. That 3 with Adams and a couple of roll players can knock off the Warriors and come out the west. Lets say that Durant does not come back. Melo is out there. I have a feeling that Melo and Chris Paul going to end up together.

However im going to stick with my first statement. Westbrook, Giffin, Durant, same team next season..


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