The Field of 64!

We are going to get this season started off right! I think this past college season took everyone for a loop. There were some teams that tanked and some the excelled. There is no clear champion this season. The brackets seem to be totally even for the first time in years. Being that I’m a Duke fan, Im going to be bias and tell you this, they reach the elite 8 they going to the final 4.

0-0 for the tourney

Todays Picks

UC Davis – ML – I am all for Vegas giving teams the benefit of the doubt, however the wrong team is favored. I have not read about any injuries and I’m not going to turn into a physicist splitting atoms at CERN. Im just going to kiss Vegas in the mouth at the end of the night.

Providence – ML – Ed Cooley is a great coach. He has played against better talent in his conference than USC has. This game will be won by the team that wants it more, and right now no one wants it worst than Providence. Don’t be surprised at the final score.

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