Roll Tide!!

63-47 on the season

2-0 last post

The last pick of the season!!

Bama -7

Well guys its been a great college season. I hate to see it end. However all good things must come to an end.   This was not the matchup that I was hoping for, but its football. Bama vs Clemson. They have made one of these teams look so good in the media that people are getting a false sense of reality. I will not say which team. Yes I will. Clemson is a gimmick. Point blank. I said it. its been over 30 years since they last won a national title. Hell its been the same amount of time since the basketball team has made it to the Elite 8. This is the biggest thing to happen to this school since being founded.. However there is not a trophy for 2nd place. It was once said that 2nd place was for the first person that lost.

Bama on the other hand has been doing this for decades. 3 of the last 7 belong to them. Get ready to make that 4 of the last 8. Thats insane!! Hey what do you expect from a team with a o-line and d-line that gives NFL scouts wet dreams? This coach does not rebuild, he reloads. Some people may have not realized this but Bama has kids that were #1 in their respective states in separate years. #1 of 2013 could be starting and #1 of 2014 is backing him up. They have blue chips on the bench. That is never a good thing. Saban has an unlimited supply of talent.  Bama defense is going to play the run today very hard. If Clemson’s qb is not careful he could end up not finishing this game. People are saying this game is going to be close. I dont think it will.  The Tide will Roll today!



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